It has become harder than ever to gain access to consumers. They are the absolute masters of the content they want to see and who to share it with. Millions of them now follow influencers via blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. And, more importantly, they listen more to these influencers than to commercial communication. Because influencers, by definition, are relevant and authentic. And so is their content.

We work with Influencer Marketing as a natural and strategic part of the marketing mix. The solutions range widely from co-creation with influencers to facilitation and pure distribution. Over the past year, we have conducted successful cross-media campaigns for Matilde Kakao, Visit Denmark, Coop, Krifa, Scandic, Scandlines, Baby & Me and Steff Houlberg.


Alexander Philip Sekjær
Head of content & activation
+45 6010 7776

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