We put a human face on the next big thing in tech

The job
How do we position Telia Business as an attractive Internet of Things-partner on a market crowded with identical B2B offerings and with a product that tends to get a little…convoluted? 

The challenge
Internet of Things – aka IoT – is more than a busy buzzword. In brief, it’s about connecting physical objects to the internet, making them smarter and continuously collecting data from them. There’s huge potential in this for companies who want to optimize their products and workstreams, as well new startups who want to disrupt old business models with Digital Native products that fuse physical objects with digital services.  

In other words, IoT is smart, but it’s also very technical. As a consequence, many CEOs have turned a deaf ear at the phenomenon, assuming it’s something their IT guy will look into. The problem is, however, that IoT is a job for the CEO. When you initiate an Internet of Things project, it calls for strategic and commercial decisions, which only the CEO is equipped to make. That’s why our job was to create a strong platform and go-to-market strategy for Telia’s new IoT division that would appeal to the minds of CEOs.

The solution
Most IoT vendors market their product with words. Lots of words. That’s why decided to communicate it in images instead.  

With the concept ”Bring your company alive with IoT”, we created a universe in which inanimate objects suddenly come alive, demonstrating human characteristics and properties. Garbage cans let you know when they’re full and would like to be emptied. A paper dispenser shoots you a message when it’s run out of paper and cleaning equipment will alert you when it’s time for a maintenance check.

Our approach was very human (literally!) and had a great stop effect in a B2B marketing universe that tends to get a little stuffy. But just as importantly, it was based on actual business cases. Thus, we gained a fun point of entry to introduce Telia’s expertise and infrastructure and not least illustrate how connected things can add value to your business.

When you set out to conquer a new market, you need to secure your rear area. That’s why we started out by UX’ing a website in accordance with our overall concept, rewriting business cases and conceptualizing Telia IoT’s products and services to make them relevant in the boardroom. 

In the 4th quarter of 2018, we launched our first campaign across digital and offline media aiming to reach the Danish business segment. We ran ads in business newspapers Børsen, Berlingske Business and Erhvervsmagesinet København, tactical ads on social, a series of blogposts on LinkedIn and Digital Displays in Copenhagen Airport.

A follow-up campaign with a commercial for TV2 News and Direct Marketing initiatives is set to run in the first half of 2019.

We’re still awaiting the results of our first campaign burst.



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