Cheasy is known as the healthy choice. The fact that it’s low-fat, high on protein and without added sugar, makes Cheasy a favorite among health-conscious Danes. And fans of the products already know that the products taste amazing. But unfortunately, some people associate a low-fat diet with a lack of flavor - and they tend not to choose Cheasy. 

We were asked to change the customers’ perception of Cheasy's taste. We had to create a flexible campaign universe under the existing brand platform Be Good To Yourself. The campaign had to perform across digital media and provide the opportunity to replace products easily and cost-effectively.


We wanted to emphasize the taste without going the classic route of showing people eating the product. We chose a more dynamic direction and created an appetizing universe inspired by the vibrancy of music videos, focusing on colors, audio and delicious shots of the products. The goal was to show the joy of good taste and to leave the viewer with a smile on their face - and a desire to taste Cheasy.

We expanded Cheasy's usually pink-colored universe with three pastels and used them to create movement and life. The colors were a fun addition to the beautifully styled plates. To emphasize the taste further, we added a series of super delicious shots of the product and various toppings in a beautiful slow-motion dance. 

The result is a dynamic, fun and scalable universe that is a feast for the eyes. The products are shown from their best side and the food appeal is through the roof. The music is impossible not to like and the joy of Cheasy is undeniable.


We created 3 twenty-second TVCs and 3 fifteen-second TVCs as well as 3 online videos, 1 bumper ad and 3 Instagram stories. We are still awaiting results.



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