Take a stand on Christmas

Every year, the Red Cross distributes Christmas Help to families whose financial situation is particularly tight. But in order to help the disadvantaged, they need more private donations.  

Fortunately, December is the month in which the Danes donate the most money to charities. However, at a time when advertising pressure is at its peak, competition for money is fierce.

To cut through the noise and achieve a bigger share for the Red Cross, we reinvented one of the products that Danes still spend money on in December: A Christmas tree stand.

With a little red paint, we transformed the well-known Christmas tree stand into the Red Cross' iconic logo, and that simple idea was the beginning of a collaboration with Center for Afklaring og Beskæftigelse (Centre for Competence Clarification and Employment) on the production and sale of "Red Cross stands". Christmas tree sellers in Copenhagen sold the stands for DKK 150, resulting in a profit of DKK 100, which was donated to this year's Christmas Help.  

To boost Red Cross’ collection for this year's Christmas Help for disadvantaged families.

We launched a red-painted Christmas tree stand that looks just like the Red Cross’ familiar logo. Profits from the sales were donated to Christmas Help and Denmark's most disadvantaged families.

On 1st December 2017, we launched the campaign as a pilot project in which 600 Christmas tree stands were produced and distributed to six different Christmas tree sellers in the Copenhagen area. The idea went straight to the Danes’ hearts – particularly on social media, where the campaign received significant and enthusiastic publicity.



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