Snuff – now available without tobacco

The Swedes love their snuff. 19% and 4% of Swedish men and women use snuff daily. In Denmark, the number of users is significantly lower, but research shows that the tiny tobacco pod is surprisingly addictive. 22% of Danish people between the age of 15 and 25 have tried using snuff. And after trying it, 98% become regular users.  

That’s why Orifarm has developed a new replacement therapy to help those addicted to snuff as well as cigarettes. The product is called Nicovel Oral Pods and is designed to give users the relief they need – without tobacco.

The challenge
We were asked to develop the packaging for the new product and conceptualize a launch campaign for the Nordics, targeting new as well as experienced users. The goal was to introduce the product as a genuine and recognizable alternative to snuff and cigarettes – without passing judgment on users.

The solution
Not all users of snuff and cigarettes feel a burning desire to quit. That’s why we came up with the concept “Satisfaction. Without tobacco.” and developed a product design that hit the right balance between a stimulant and a medicinal aid. Instead of talking about the desire to beat an addiction, our launch campaign focused on the level of satisfaction provided by Nicovel as well the benefits of using the new, discrete product.

The results
To test the reception of the new product as well as the effect of the launch campaign, Nicovel Oral Pods were first introduced in Sweden during the spring in 2018 and marketed on web-tv, YouTube, Facebook and POS. We’re still waiting for the final results to come in before launching the campaign across the Nordics, but so far, it’s looking good! According to a survey, 64% of those who wish to kick their cigarette or snuff habit find the new product to be relevant.



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