Scandic Meeting

The challenge

How do we introduce Scandic’s new meeting and conference packages in a market crowded with generic messages and offerings?   

The solution

There’s no shortage of boring meetings, and there’s no shortage of boring ads either. Building on this insight, we developed a series of color-muted and very lengthy YouTube videos, in which we dramatized the archetypical, boring meeting – the kind we all know and hate. Meetings, where the speaker goes on and on in a monotonous voice, repeating obvious points from the presentation while everyone else is secretly staring at their cell phones. 

But we did something else too: While watching, viewers were presented with the well-known option of skipping the ad – or, as we phrased it: “Skip the meeting”.  

When clicking the button, viewers were led to another video on Scandic’s website, where they were greeted by a very charismatic Meeting Advisor.


Our YouTube campaign was supported by Facebook posts targeted at potential clients with an interest in meeting and conference packages. 

For each of our creative executions on Facebook, we used CTR (click-through rate) as our main KPI to determine their relevancy to specific users.

In addition to CTR, we kept an eye on the stats for Video Percentage Watched. Early on it became clear to us that both YouTube and Facebook drove higher engagement as well as more traffic to Scandic’s campaign site.

The results

The campaign performance has been calculated on the basis of last year’s benchmark for a campaign with the same objective and media budget. And this year, the increased CTR on YouTube and Facebook far surpassed last year’s results:

  • 33% increase in CTR on YouTube
  • 20% increase in CTR on Facebook
  • The increased CTR boosted web traffic with 60.2%
  • ROMI = 9,92




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