Reach out to children in need

In other words, the assignment was not a direct donation campaign, but rather a need to strengthen UNICEF's brand identity. We needed UNICEF to be very loud and very clear about their 'raison d'être' and re-claim the blue colour as a fundamental part of their identity.

The campaign was to act as part of UNICEF's overall communication platform 'Reach out to children in need'.

Through the use of influencers, you can get your message a long way on social media – especially on Instagram. Here, the guards are down by definition, and engagement rates are high, as you actively decided to follow another person. But as you follow more and more profiles, a single image quickly drowns in the vast amount of selfies and sunsets.

To ensure that the blue colour would dominate Danes’ news feed for a while, we needed influencers who both supported UNICEF's cause and were able to communicate UNICEF's message – and we needed a lot of them!

It proved to be an easy challenge, as most influencers – despite their differences – all share in UNICEF's cause of helping children in need.

Thereby, we collected a broad range of Danish influencers – from young YouTubers like Julia Sofia who offers daily beauty tips and fashion inspiration. To more generally known Danish film darlings such as Anders W. Bertelsen.

Jan Grarup, who is a loyal UNICEF ambassador and a reputed war zone photographer, spearheaded the portrayal of the many influencers, and his mission was simple: The portraits were to visualise that helping is really no more difficult than reaching out a helping hand. Each influencer was therefore to demonstrate their interpretation of how they would reach out. Common for all the pictures were that they had the blue UNICEF colour as their background.

On Monday, October 17, as most Danes had just arrived at work or in school and were ready for the first procrastination of the day, they were greeted by a cyan blue news feed. At exactly 09:00, all influencers updated their portrait on Instagram with their own call to support UNICEF's core cause: making a difference to the children of the world. We collected the images under the hashtags #rækud #foralleverdensbørn (#reachout #tothechildrenoftheworld).


  • A total of 32 Danish influencers joined the campaign, and we created 1.9 million users through organic reach, achieving more than 90,000 likes.
  • Even more important to the campaign's purpose, however, was that we increased qualified knowledge of UNICEF's cause by 9%.
  • And although it was not a donation campaign, we still collected 10,000 meals for the children of the world in a day.










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