Post Danmark turns blue

In the context of a long-awaited rebranding to PostNord – the group which owns the Danish and Swedish postal service – the challenge was to create a story which was distinct and likeable, and which would cement this relatively large physical change for all Danes, from something historically very safe, into something new and more streamlined.

In connection with the rebranding of the Denmark-red Post Danmark into the Nordic-blue PostNord, it was crucial that all Danes understood that this significant change was taking place, and secondarily what it actually involved – and did not involve. A compelling reason was that Danes should be able to identify PostNord as a credible and familiar supplier when shopping online, as this is an important part of the Post’s revenue. In addition, there was great awareness that many Danes would be both confused and annoyed by the change, which made it crucial to tell the story in a trustworthy, humble manner at the eye level.

The actual solution was boiled down to two significant initiatives: A TV campaign intended to create awareness and sympathy and an overlay on which, in a playful and intuitive way, got visitors along for the journey – literally. In addition, we identified a unique opportunity to clean up a number of postal habits which Post Danmark actually had good solutions for in the form of a number of popular apps which just half of Danes used. These were used as proof of concept in a series of infomercials which were launched through a separate YouTube channel.







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