Noel N. It Account based marketing


An ‘Account Based Marketing’ approach, targeting 83 specific CIO/CEO’s digitally via Linkedin/Facebook with personalized content, converting leads for the NNIT sales team, and volume for digital presence track.


NNIT needed to target and establish a stronger presence towards specific CIO/CEOs in the Life Sciences industry and position NNIT as a transformation partner.

A main challenge for the companies is to find qualified talent and NNIT’s answer was the campaign “Digital transformation is not a one-man job - HEADHUNTING ENDS HERE”.

We invented the ‘NNIT persona’ called Noel N. IT to be the spokesperson towards the targeted accounts. A LinkedIn profile, campaign site and relevant targeting / re-retargeting content was created for the campaign flow.


18 leads (90%) out of the 20 which was the KPI for the campaign.

Campaign Site

Lead Gen Forms LinkedIn



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