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About NNIT CX Playbook
The NNIT PlayBook is the result of a collaboration between NNIT and Hjaltelin Stahl. As an international player with more than 2,000 employees, it was important to identify and stage all the contact points which NNIT's customers come into contact with, to be able to offer customers a streamlined customer experience across channels.

Therefore, a major analysis setup was launched, which included interviews with both customers and employees at NNIT. The result of the analysis was, among other things, a CX Playbook containing a description of customers’ expectations and needs, as determined by where they are on their unique customer journey.

Thus, NNIT can work efficiently with relevant focus areas and create internal anchoring within the company by also giving their own employees an enhanced understanding of customers as well as the conditions to be able to act on specific recommendations.

Gain insight into NNIT’s customers' needs, behaviors, and expectations, thereby ensuring a streamlined experience throughout NNIT.

Through customer and employee interviews, workshops and co-creations, NNIT created and anchored a CX Playbook which structures and streamlines the customer experience across four customer stages. The document serves as a strategic foundation for NNIT's work to improve the customer experience in the years to come.

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