Ahead of the local elections back in 2017, the newspaper Ekstra Bladet decided to host election meetings in four Danish ghettos with a high number of immigrants. Their goal was to reawaken the debate on immigration and integration, hoping to foster less talk and more action.

Create an edgy campaign to raise awareness of Ekstra Bladet’s initiative, all while avoiding undertones that could potentially be interpreted as racist.

Our solution was a fake election poster showing a woman dressed in a hijab made from the Danish flag. We titled it “NewDanmark” – a tongue-in-cheek take on the stigmatizing “NewDane” often used to describe poorly integrated immigrants. The election posters were displayed in urban spaces and shared on social media, in online banners and on Ekstra Bladet’s own website, thus putting local challenges on the nation’s agenda.

The idea was extremely simple and yet it managed to breathe life into a worn-out debate in an eye-catching and serious manner. Ekstra Bladet earned great acclaim for their powerful initiative from politicians, citizens and rival news media, and they succeeded in coining a new term that has since become synonymous with the work to solve Denmark’s immigration and integrations issues. In fact, it has already led to the implementation of several innovative projects.


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