Møn – From our little corner of the world


The renowned Danish biscuit company, Karen Volf, wanted us to develop a new strategic and creative platform for their Møn cracker series. Møn is a small Danish island, and the new brand platform had to tell the story about the local origin and proud traditions of the crackers. The challenge was, however, to balance the local storytelling about Møn while still ensuring relevance and scalability across the nation.   


First step was to define a brand spot for MØN. The brand spot had to encapsulate the local origin, the proud traditions and the premium quality of the crackers while adding a little bit of humor. From this, we created the brand spot: From our little corner of the world.

Based on the new brand spot, we unfolded a universe where the proud local traditions and Møn’s nature were at the core.  

We redesigned the packing and made sure there was a clear red thread between the new platform and the design. To make sure we were on-brand, we tested the new design, colors and tonality among more than 1.000 consumers.

The campaign was rolled out on Bisca’s own SoMe channels. Additionally, we created an in-store Facebook competition running in stores all over the country with the purpose of creating engagement among the Danes.


The campaign is still running, and therefore results are not definite. An initial prognosis shows an increase in sale compared to 2018 – especially during Easter, which is one of the two peak seasons for MØN.


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