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Karolines Madklub’s form and content is based on the Hjaltelin Stahl Customer Engagement Process, which served as an effective formula for the development of loyalty programmes for more than 20 major brands.

We first found all the hairs in the soup by rolling out a CEM process which embraced all points of contact with consumers. The conclusion became that there was a need for a digital hub which accommodates consumers' desire for personal advice and less food waste.

The intelligent cooking club, where we followed in users' digital footsteps and developed new features to make it easy to cook in according to one's own taste and use everything you have in the fridge. Karolines Madklub was served in e-mails, social media and in the supermarket via iBeacons. All to ensure engagement, frequency and loyalty across channels.

Rate of message opening: on average, 43.5% – 65% above best practice for the industry.
Click rate: on average 21% – more than twice the industry average.

At the same time, the desire to share Karoline’s Kitchen recipes increased by 25%, and the love of the products increased by 900%. It has meant that purchase intent among members of Karolines Madklub has been increased by all of 40%.

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