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About Suzuki
Hjaltelin Stahl has been Suzuki’s regular cross-media agency for several years, and helped the Japanese car brand establish itself as a strong presence in the minds of Danes. Suzuki is not afraid to go their own way and also caters to those who have the courage to be themselves and stand by it. Like the bumpkin South Jutlander who dares to show his tow bar (referred to simply as a “Jutland hook” in Denmark) to his Copenhagen girlfriend in front of a packed, trendy pavement café in the inner city.

Creating knowledge ofCelerio as micro car with an optional tow bar, and thereby get more people interested.

Cross-media campaign which presented Celerio as a trendy little big city car with a charming, South Jutland dialect.

With folksy charm and creative edge, we succeeded in generating broad hype around the practical micro car and increase sales.


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