I have a drinking problem

122,000 children in Denmark grow up with a mother or father who drinks too much. It's an insecure world to navigate, and a life full of shame, tears, anger and broken promises. So you don’t have to be the person who drinks to have a drinking problem. To illustrate this insight, we’ve made a film with a simple idea: an AA meeting for children.

Alcohol & Society wanted to focus on children in families with alcohol problems. With this new focus, in addition to the already successful Respect Campaign, we wanted to shed light on these vulnerable children. We must help schools in spotting it, as well as point out that the opportunities for public counselling - for alcoholics and relatives - have never been greater or better.

Through TV, social media and outdoors it is communicated that a drinking problem is not just about the person who drinks. Families, children and close friends involuntarily become a part of the problem. So you don’t need to be the person who drinks to have a drinking problem. A serious message which does not only speak to the person who drinks, but also to the other adults in the child’s life, and this way we can no longer avoid facing the problem.



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