French Waffles – A Classic with the Coffee


The cherished Danish biscuit brand, Karen Volf, asked us to reposition their French Waffles so that they weren’t just perceived as cakes for grandmothers, but also cakes that would stir appetite in a younger audience.


In recent years, the market for precooked cookies has been challenged by a dusty reputation, often associated with grandma’s dry and outdated cookie jars. An association that is in big contrast to the Instagram-friendly raw-balls or modern oat-milk based lattes, currently attracting likes on social media. Because of this, it was necessary to develop a new brand spot for Karen Wolf. A brand spot where Karen Volf took ownership of the traditional Danish hyggeculture, which is closely tied to the traditional cookie jars. In other words; Something for the unpretentious moments, where a classical Danish cookie fits perfectly.

“French Waffles – A Classic with the Coffee”

We developed a new brand spot for the cookie category and started with a campaign for Karen Wolf’s French Waffles - a product that many people remember and recognise from their childhood. Even though most people love the unique taste of French waffles, the product is challenged by the assumption that the cookie is unfashionable and thus irrelevant for the younger audience. We therefore had to make French Waffles fashionable again and make it acceptable to buy one as a compliment to a latte.  


To deliver this message, we had to reach the young audience where they spend most of their time; on social media. Yet, we didn’t want to make another “classical” influencer campaign, where the consumers struggle to distinguish between what’s real and what’s advertising. Instead, we wanted to use the influencers to address the fashionable/unfashionable dilemma and speak directly to the target group through humorous and unpretentious content.

To do so, we collaborated with the YouTube channel “NIPSKanalen” – a Danish series of fun, personal and authentic YT webisodes run by three famous Danish actresses. We used their humorous universe to put tendencies like diet culture and influencer marketing on the edge.
This resulted in a series of three webisodes where the communication about French Waffles played an explicitly, comical part in each episode.  

Instead of covering up the advertisement for French Waffles, we used the advertisement as a humorous aspect with a purpose of creating entertaining content, while appealing to a younger audience.

The content was activated and amplified through the influencers’ own social media channels as well as Karen Volf’s channels, leading consumers to – a landing page gathering all the content. Furthermore, we initiated a competition on Instagram and in stores all over the country, with an aim of creating engagement among consumers.



  • Total impressions: 9.16M across FB, IG and YT
  • Video views: 1.9 across FB, IG and YT
  • Average view-through rate: 37,42% on YT
  • Unique page views: 67,1K on site – Index 558 since campaign start
  • Average time spent on site: 12:35 minutes
  • Best in Class on brand lift in ad recall: 138,2% in the target group 18-34 and a view-through rate on 32,4%.


  • Total impressions: : 515K on influencers’ IG profiles – Index 140
  • Engagements 3.900 – Index 107
  • Clicks to site: 6.886 – Index 441


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