Eat an app

In 2016, Coop chose to digitise its members’ programme, introducing 11 new advantages and uniting them in a new app which replaced the physical membership card. And, at the same time, made the value of the membership apparent through discounts and bonuses, immediately after the members shopped in Coop.

The challenge
Getting members to trade in their old plastic membership cards for a brand new app> At the same time, they had to digest a lot of heavy and complicated information – in order for them to understand and use the app.

The solution
First, we presented everything in the app as an overwhelming buffet which the hungriest dived into. Then we cut the communication up into small, appetising morsels and served it via all channels and media – targeted and based on members' online behavior.

The results

  • 315,000 downloaded the app. This was 26% more than Coop had dared hope for.
  • More than 500,000 members activated their personal offer in the app.
  • 45% of those who clicked a Facebook ad, downloaded the app.
  • E-mails peaked at a rate of opening of 126% and thus achieved being read twice.

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