Don't skip war

See something you don’t like? In this digital age, you can skip it with the tap of a finger. That sounds innocent enough, but to an NGO like the Danish Refugee Council it’s a huge problem. In our constant pursuit of pleasant and fun things to watch online, we inadvertently turn a blind eye at people who need our help. 

The challenge
Convince an audience who has become blind to the sufferings of others to face the reality of war.

The solution
We teamed up with documentary director Mohammad Al Jizani, who had recently spent 4 months filming in Syria. Together we developed an “ad” composed of non-branded and non-staged war footage and put it on YouTube.

Just as anticipated, nearly everyone skipped the ad within the first couple of seconds. Normally you’d retarget your audience based on views, but through a unique partnership with YouTube, we were able to retarget them with new video content and remind them that not everyone has the privilege to skip the horrors of war.

The results
When we retargeted the people, who skipped our first ad, watch time increased significantly. In total, our video content garnered 2 million views on YouTube and a 26% view through rate, thus greatly surpassing our 15% benchmark.  



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