Don’t Retweet History

In autumn 2017, there was a heated and explosive conflict between two of the world's most powerful and unpredictable leaders: The USA's Donald J. Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un. A conflict that, in the worst-case scenario, could lead to a devastating nuclear war. 

In the faint hope of bringing the leader of the free world to compose himself while speaking out against the use of nuclear weapons we, along with Greenpeace, decided to drop our own "bomb" across all social media platforms – including the president's favourite confessional: Twitter. 

Inspired by the term "hair-trigger alert" (an American military policy that makes it possible to fire nuclear weapons at extremely short notice), we created a simple and powerful symbol consisting of a mushroom cloud coupled with Trump’s sparse mane. Two of the most frightening things in this world – all in one illustration. 

In addition, the illustration was topped with the headline "Don’t let history retweet itself". A thinly veiled reference to Trump's many mindless tweets – and a much-needed reminder of what history should have taught us by now. 

When the conflict was at its peak, we pushed the button and published the campaign across all Greenpeace’s social media accounts – both nationally and internationally. 

The campaign reached more than 7 million followers across all platforms and was frequently shared and commented on by passionate and nervous environmentalists. We do not know if it made it all the way to the White House, but we imagine that the President spent the better part of the night (unsuccessfully) thinking of a good comeback!

Shortly after, the campaign was selected and honoured as the 'Ad of the Week' by the illustrious Lürzer's Archive, which also featured a full-page print in their magazine.




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