Close to Germany

Scandlines wants to open up Germany as a travel destination that is only a quick trip away. But when Danes plan their next holiday destination, Germany is not the first place they think of. This is despite Germany being packed with the exact experiences that holiday-hungry Danes look for in a weekend abroad.

The challenge was that Scandlines wanted more people to board the ferries whenever Germany was the destination – all year round. But the Danes needed a reason to go there, other than bargain-hunting or just driving through the country to get to southern Europe. We wanted to broaden their horizons and show them that Germany can be much more than what they expect.

To make Germany relevant as a travel destination, we created the ‘Close to Germany’ inspiration platform. We launched a content hub with more than 100 articles linked to experiences in northern Germany. The hub was developed based on a strategy that, among other things, identified the Danish search behaviour. Using Facebook Audience Insights and information based on user data, we were able to target communications to specific segments using Facebook, email, Instagram and banners/Programmatic as the primary communication channels.

After the launch, there was great activity and interaction in the hub, and Scandlines successfully linked the inspiration to great offers. Users spend up to 8-10 minutes on the 25+ most popular articles, and there has generally been lots of engagement across channels and segments.

The results in numbers:

  • Over 200,000 unique users since July 2017
  • Over 10,000 users found their way to the Scandlines booking flow after engaging with the hub
  • Average session duration: 1 min 54 sec.


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