Christmas Spotlights

Christmas is about giving. But, unfortunately, about taking as well. For as families gather around the tree, homes across the country are left in darkness, serving as a veritable grab bag for burglars.

International studies show that light is one of the most effective tools in the fight against the thieves who do not want to be spotted by neighbours. Coincidentally, we Danes decorate our homes with beautiful string lights every Christmas. So, why not combine those two insights into a simple, innovative solution?

The solution is called "Christmas Spotlights" and consists of a string of powerful Christmas lights with a built-in motion sensor which is able to detect and deter uninvited guests on the grounds from committing burglary. In other words: An almost 100 year-old Christmas tradition combined with modern safety systems.

When the string light is in the so-called Decoration Mode, the bulbs are dimmed and spread the Christmas spirit in the neighborhood. But when you are paid an unexpected visit from the thief, Protection Mode is activated and the string lights instantly put all 20x60 watt halogen lamps to use, exposing the thief before he can commit burglary.

The light will be viewable by the surrounding neighbours, who will then be able to keep an extra eye on the house or call the police and contact the owner – and when everything is peaceful and quiet once more, the string light returns to acting like a cosy Christmas decoration.

Demand – both on social media and on international tech blogs – has been so overwhelming, we are currently working on a nationwide production leading up to Christmas 2017.


  • 45% more Neighbourhood Watch members during the campaign period compared to last December.
  • 33% reduction in break-ins in the Christmas of 2016
  • 221,000 Facebook video views
  • 1,167 social shares
  • 181 million online readership
  • Airings/views 221,000 Facebook views
  • 31,000 YouTube views (with no ad spend)





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