Christmas Spin

Telia has the best network in the North. In this role and with these responsibilities, they want to help Danes get the most out of their digital lives with cool services and advantages, great service and freedom of choice. In short - there is more to say yes to with Telia.

Telia wanted to maintain their relationship with their customers and give them a great Christmas experience. The task was to activate existing customers (mobile, mobile broadband and broadband TV) and create closer ties to customers who were not yet familiar with Telia as a provider of a wide range of products and services.

The insight:
Christmas is a time for giving and sharing with your nearest and dearest, so Telia wanted to give their customers something. By combining games and gifts, Telia could tell their customers how much they mean and simultaneously capture their attention. Games with patterns have a stimulating effect on the brain, which has a natural effect on people - it creates engagement.

Telia Christmas Spin is a digital game in which Telia's customers could win new prizes every Sunday of Advent. The customer had three games a week, ensuring continuous activity during December. The game was simple and did not require much of the customer, but by releasing new prizes every week, we maintained an excitement throughout the entire four weeks.


  • 1,123,549 games during the month of December, which exceeded Telia's goal of 280,000 games by 400%.
  • 155,581 unique players, which was twice as many as the target of 70,000.


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