Cheasy Boot Camp

Based on the platform 'Be good to yourself', Cheasy wanted to inspire women to kick off 2017 in style with a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

With the objective of motivating and inspiring through community, we created the world's first 'balanced' boot camp; The Cheasy Boot Camp. A free and digital boot camp where, for 30 days, participants were given tips and tricks on how they, in collaboration with Cheasy, might eat a healthy, balanced diet and achieve active lifestyles.

With the community as the focal point, we had four influencers, Healthy Skinny Bitch, Emilie Lilja, Trine's Wardrobe and Emily Salomon, spearhead the Cheasy Boot Camp. The girls were already friends, and thus already had an exercise-related relation which Cheasy could blend into quite naturally. In addition, the four influencers represent Cheasy's main passion points; food, fitness and lifestyle, providing powerful and relevant access to Cheasy's core target group.

Together, the four girls created the Cheasy Boot Camp community through stories, tips, videos and other content production.

Cheasy's website and Facebook were the campaign's focal points. They were supported by the influencers’ own blogs, YouTube and Instagram channels. The content was supported by SoMe activities produced by Hjaltelin Stahl.

The Boot Camp culminated in two live events - Boot Camps - in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where a total of 500 women participated. Tickets were sold out in just a few days!


  • 3,5 mio. impressions.
  • Cheasy's Facebook fanbase rose to 26% during the campaign.
  • Consumers spent an average of 06:06 minutes on Cheasy Boot Camp's campaign site, which helped boost sales of Cheasy products. The sales of Cheasy Skyr with fruit were in the campaign period in index 110 and the Cheasy top-cup rose to index 195.
  • During the campaign period, the Boot Camp carried 50% of all traffic to, attracted 44% new consumers to and secured the highest search rate for Cheasy via Google for 5 years.
  • The Boot Camp secured an increased penetration of + 11%, First Choice with + 15% and consideration + 9%, which placed Cheasy among the best performing brands across all of Arla's products in the post-campaign period.

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