CASE: Vacation in Denmark is much more than just

Covid-19 is ravaging across the world. Denmark is in lockdown, and our borders are closed. There is large uncertainty about whether the country will re-open, and the Danish tourist industry is amid a crisis.  How do we get Danish consumers to prioritize domestic travel and save Danish tourism in 2020?

SOLUTION: “Much more than just Denmark”
Insights from an analysis conducted by Hjaltelin Stahl showed that one of the greatest barriers for selecting Denmark as a travel destination is because Danes like to explore new sceneries and take Denmark for granted. Through the use of multiple campaign elements, including a creative film, a digital campaign, influencers, print, and outdoor, we utilized this exact prejudice and showcased everything Denmark has to offer. The purpose of the campaign was to get Danish consumers to get involved and share their summer experiences with the hashtag #JustDenmark.

As such, the campaign was spread across multiple channels, including PR, podcast, Spotify, native collaborations, etc.


  • Sky rocking engagement with more than 46.000 photo uploads on Instagram (per 10.9.2020)
  • The Danish consumers booked 8,9 million nights, corresponding to a 46% increase relative to July 2019
  • In the first three months, the campaign had gained more than 28 million digital impressions
  • 20% increase in preference for Denmark as a vacation destination
  • Over 50% of the target group states that the campaign has increased their interest in vacating in Denmark


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