CASE: Steff Houlberg

Steff Houlberg marked its 130 years birthday - this had to be celebrated with a campaign that positioned them as the funniest sausage brand on the market while expanding the meaning of “a break = sausage", which up until now had only been connected to the break at a football game. In addition, Steff Houlberg was backed into a corner about the current trends of eating healthier. 

It was about time to question all the hysteria evolving around health-related trends – and who better to speak up than Lars Rasmussen who had gone viral with a video clip where he, glowingly red and with smoke fusing out of his ears, scolds a female handball team. With Lars as a funny mad-max and front figure for our message, we created a series of films, in which he interrupts caricatured health videos and yells PAUSE from the annoying trends. An exaggerated universe tailored at entertaining the target group and place our point at the very edge of everything. 


  • 856.493 video views from only six pieces of content
  • 43.03% VTR
  • 237+ hours spent with the brand
  • 14.098 interactions
  • 10.9% eng. rate – with the three hero films performing even better on engagement than Steff Houlberg’s competitors  


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