CASE: Propensity marketing

Today, Shooping sends out 3-5 emails with offers on a weekly basis. However, they are one-size-fits-all and are not based on the single customer’s needs and buying behavior. This setup is neither easy to scale nor achieve added business value from. 

With help from Propensity Marketing, we were able to match CRM profiles with buying behavior from the e-store and calculate a Propensity Score (powered by AI/Machine Learning via Tinyclues) for each segment in the CRM database. In other words, we could predict the probability for each segment to purchase a product within the foreseeable future.

This made it possible to send a series of special emails with products we wanted to sell (everything from niche, bestsellers to destocking) to the right target group and pilot-test if it was possible to increase sales and achieve added value from the CRM efforts.

We succeeded in increasing the email open rate by 22%, maintaining the CTR, and increasing RPM by 55%. In addition, we managed to reach a ROI of 9,6 for our pilot initiative. The pilot was thus successful and a solid first step in the journey for Shopping of creating CRM solutions of the future.


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