CASE: Newborn mums

To build a consistent brand identity across five markets for the organic substitute for breastmilk by Baby&Me, a common brand platform was needed. However, finding a reference point was challenging with widely different cultures, market situations, and maturity about ecology. In some markets, the brand had high recognition, and ecology was a hygiene factor, while it had not yet been introduced to others. Additionally, Baby&Me belongs to a category where you are not allowed to show the core product (stage 1+2), the use of it (bottle), or the core target group for the product (children less than 1-year-old). Therefore, a platform that floated significantly above the tactical level and resonated with all markets was highly needed.

Insights from an analysis conducted showed that becoming a mum was connected to an underlying doubt, which was present across all kinds of cultures. Whether you are located in Dubai, Copenhagen, or Shanghai, you are, as a new mum, familiar with the feeling of insecurity. Building upon this insight, the purpose of the platform was to speak up about this often taboo of being insecure and let new mums know that they are not alone – and from this, strengthen their self-worth as mothers. To connect the normalization of the natural feeling of insecurity on an emotional level, and with ecology as one of the product’s most important trades of differentiation, ‘natural’ became the new domain of Baby&Me. This opened up the possibility to talk about mental and physical health where the phrase ”it’s only natural” became the solution to this duality.

The campaign was launched in the fall of 2020 and is still running.



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