CASE: Matilde

For children, their birthday is one of the most important days of the year, and since 1970 Matilde® cocoa milk has been an essential part of the Danish children’s birthdays. But with social distancing, it was no longer possible to host a birthday party, which meant that one million birthdays in Denmark were canceled during the Covid-19-lockdown.

To make up for all the canceled birthdays, we used something else children love – namely, cocoa milk. We created a campaign with seven influences where we, through their strong voices on social media, encouraged parents, friends, or other close relatives to nominate their birthday boys and girls between 13 and 17 years old. The children could then win a festive birthday package with a gingerbread man, buns, cocoa, decorations, and a personal birthday greeting from one of the influencers. 

The campaign was received positively with lots of engagement – only shortly after the campaign aired, the results showed:

  • 4.100 hours spent with the brand
  • 2 million views of the hero film
  • 24.700+ interactions
  • 245.000 Thruplays
  • 1.3 million organic impressions – twice the benchmark estimated
  • 16.000 organic clicks through swipe ups to Matilde®’s Facebook site
  • 6-13% CTR across the influencers’  channels


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