With the technology SkyClean, Landbrug & Fødevarer (Re. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council) can reduce the agricultural environmental footprint by 50% while making aviation fuel climate neutral. Nonetheless, the project lacked DKK 400 million from the government to reach the goal. Therefore, it required help from the youth to reach out to politicians and encourage them to act. But how do you activate a young, ad-saturated target group who is notoriously critical towards Landbrug & Fødevarer?

With influencer and climate activist, Magnus Millang, we co-created the webisode series “Is it really true?”. The series had a humoristic approach and visited the scientists at SkyClean to hear whether the project was, in fact, true. The content was activated organically through Millang’s channels and was re-posted by a large group of micro-influencers.


  • 500.000 climate-interested young people reached
  • 175.000 impressions – 4x more than initially estimated
  • 750+ shares
  • 14,2% avg. engagement rate


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