Case: Even the best can be better

Danish Crown, one of the world’s greatest exporters of pork and beef is primarily driven by BTB-sales within the Food Industry and Food Service in the UK. Here, the company is known for quality, reliability, and professionalism throughout the entire value chain. But pressure from foreign competitors pushes Danish Crown to deliver even more ‘value’ to stay ahead. Related to this, the evolving sustainability agenda, including the environmental footprint of global companies, has created new demands and requirements and demands for a food production company like Danish Crown. With a new brand purpose sustainability (”together we create a more sustainable future for food”) and a global commercial brand position built sustainability, Danish Crown needed to revitalize and relaunch the “new” brand an value offering in the English BTB-market.

Among the Brits, an understanding of ‘British is best’ exists (exactly how we Danes feel about Danish produce) when it comes to food. So, what do you do as a foreign food producer with something on your mind while wanting to sell meat on the English market? Especially when you for many years have been renowned for bacon but now also want to deliver sustainable Danish meat. You launch a campaign under the concept: “Even the best can be better” with an inherently obvious duality; The Brits’ meals can be a bit better with sustainable meat from Danish Crown, while we – with the finger pointed towards ourselves – indicate that Danish Crown, known for the world’s best bacon, can be better when it comes to sustainability. With a creative hook that zoomed in on the popular British meals and a cheeky voiceover that teasingly asked questions such as “how can the great British banger get any better?” We captured the attention of chefs and restaurateurs in the Food Service-segment, while also aiming to gain response amongst purchasers in the Food Industry-segment. We connected 3 food-films to our branded USPs in a digital presence trail that told the story of how Danish Crown develops sustainable meat. And if target group wanted to know more, they could enter a digital content hub about sustainable meat and food production, from farm to fork. The was solely activated digitally on LinkedIn, Facebook. 

On Youtube a 13-minute pre-roll was launched showing a piece of bacon cooking in “real time”. The video encouraged food professionals to wait until the bacon had cooked to their preference before skipping the ad, with the copy above the ‘skip ad’ button reading “when you think the bacon is done. The pre-roll essentially used a feature that is normally used to skip an ad after 5 seconds (which happens 90% of the time) to drive engagement and ‘time with brand’ as well as a perfectly looking piece of bacon – the product Danish Crown wanted to sell. Turning the ‘skip ad’ into a fun way to express an opinion (on a topic of interest for food professionals and their pride in their work) the average view time for the ad was 93% longer than the average pre-roll.

RESULTS (OBS! The campaign is still running)

LinkedIn / Facebook: 

  • 269.657 people reached
  • 784.909 impressions
  • 237.472 video views
  • 88.835 video completions
  • 7.900 clicks


  • 72 avg. view time
  • Full video view (12m30s): 3.572 users
  • Time spent with brand (full video view): 993 hours


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