CASE: Decarbonisation

It takes energy to turn stone into stone wool, and ROCKWOOL is not always considered a leader in climate change. However, this is actually unfair. The world-renowned company’s stone wool insulation saves 100 times the energy and CO2 used to produce it during its lifetime (corresponding numbers for wind turbines and electric cars are 25-50 and 1,7 respectively). Nevertheless, even though ROCKWOOL is amongst the most climate-friendly companies worldwide, it also takes energy to save energy. And all hands must be on deck to reach the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals of keeping the temperature rise below 2 degrees. Therefore, ROCKWOOL has signed up for the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi), which the UN, among others, supports, with a concrete plan to reduce their greenhouse emissions by 1/3.

The collaboration with SBTi was published via an international press release. In this regard, the message needed to be backed up by a campaign that not only communicated the plan to reduce emission but also told the story of how ROCKWOOL already is a carbon-negative company that each year saves the atmosphere for millions of tons of greenhouse gases. With a tight deadline, Hjaltelin Stahl and Pegasus produced an international film and various pieces of content targeted at high-level stakeholders and investors.

The campaign film was digitally targeted at the professional segment and achieved a completion rate of 42% and 58.697 link clicks.

  • More than half a million full views
  • 20 million impressions
  • 58.697 link clicks
  • 42% video completion rate


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