CASE: #BareDanmark

Where Danes didn’t have the option to travel in 2020, things are different this year. But the tourist industry continues to bleed – especially in the cities. We have to convince the Danes that Denmark is (still) nice – no matter where in the world you can travel. The task was to spark a desire to travel that would get the Danes out the door, but not out of the country. 

In 2020 we reminded the Danes of how magnificent and beautiful Denmark is with the slogan “Much more than just Denmark”. In 2021, under the same concept, we want to tell the Danes that they can get exactly what they normally travel away for – the unique and quirky experiences – in their home country. After a year with lockdown and Corona everyone, no matter age, is in desperate need of new experiences. Based on this, the 2021 campaign encourages, in a humorous way, Danes to discover the various experiences that one can find across the country and invites them to inspire others. This was rolled out in a broad cross-media campaign across TV, digital, print, outdoor, sponsorships, PR as well as native collaborators. The hero film takes a new perspective on “just being in Denmark” where a family’s teenage daughter represents the general attitude in Denmark, which is refuted enthusiastically by Mette Horn. Geography also plays a big role in several media, particularly outdoor, where the focus is on inspiring Danes in one area of Denmark to visit another area. With all the campaign elements follows an action where it is encouraged to find and share experiences through the hashtag #baredanmark (re. #justdenmark) - thereby continuing the consumer-driven movement of 2020.

The campaign is live and no results are available yet



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