CASE: Amnesty International

It has marked 35 years since the United Nations-conversation against torture was enforced globally. Yet, three out of four countries still use torture methods to this day. Amnesty fights to put an end to this torture by documenting these violations and collect signatures against such unforgivable behavior. Based on this, the task was to get more people to give their signatures and put an end to what should have been stopped a long time ago. 

To emphasize the importance of each signature, we decided to use a famous signature – namely Guy Fawkes’ signature. Fawkes was accused of conspiring against the British king in 1605 and was followingly tortured for many days before he signed his death sentence. His signature is barely readable, which highlights the comprehensive effect of the torture. With this campaign, his tortured signature was thus a symbol of anti-torture – and a reminder to back up the importance of Amnesty’s work.

Our attempt to deal with the human violations of torture was renowned with multiple awards, including Epica Awards within Gold In Industry Specific / Public Interest – Social and One Show Shortlist within Print



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