CASE: A new platform secures increased awareness

Despite Gjensidige being one of the greatest and most well-established insurance companies in the Nordics, brand awareness on the Danish market is low – and without a significant voice. A new brand platform and a campaign ought to help solve this issue.

Insights from an analysis conducted showed that the credibility amongst insurance companies is low, and customers are having a hard time figuring out when and how they are covered by their insurance. Therefore, it makes sense for Gjensidige to put ‘trust’ at the forefront of their company and address the lack of trust that can cause customers to work their way around the truth when damage is reported.
Through a cross media-campaign based on humoristic films, we stage situations to the extreme to underline that “the trust is mutual” and that there is no reason for spinning the truth. The domain “trust” will continue to live as a platform that will cover future initiatives in the coming years.

The films and campaign have been positively received and acclaimed in several national and international media. The campaign has ranked as No. 1 in the category “Best Financial Ad” in Adforum, September 2020. In addition, Gjensidige experienced incoming calls corresponding to index 200 in the two weeks post-launch, web sales on index +140, plus an all-time high brand impression and brand awareness of the company.



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