Can you vacation in Denmark?


Danes head south for sun, beaches and heat during the summer, and often they do not know how to spend the last week of their vacation. The hotels in Denmark have empty beds, while many hidden places and experiences are waiting around the country. This was the background of an awareness campaign for Scandic, with the purpose of opening people’s eyes to the possibility of spending their summer holiday in Denmark.


Regardless of the many new and attractive hotels, Scandic is considered to be a motorway hotel. Therefore, the campaign should strengthen Scandic's journey towards better hotel experiences and show, that the hotels are not as first anticipated.


As the current trends more and more revolve around vacationing at home, flying less and living more sustainably, we chose a different type of hotel advertisement, and created an entertaining web series with the couple Sisse Sejr and Esben Bjerre. They were sent on a road trip around Denmark, and with great entertainment value they handled the small conflicts, that occurs in most relationships, during a motoring holiday.  


We developed 3 webisodes, which were activated both through Sisse and Esben's own Instragram profiles and Scandic's social channels, which led viewers to the hotel's website, where all content was gathered. In addition to this, we ran a tactical track to generate bookings - based on pixels and cookies. 


The campaign has raised the bar for hotel campaigns and lifted Scandic’s NPS, which is now 3 times higher than their competitors’ - much higher than they have been for years. 

Paid results

  • Total reach on all campaign elements: 4.3M across FB, IG and YT
  • Video views: 1.5M across FB, IG and YT
  • Avg. view through rate: 16.11% on YT
  • Engagement rate FB / IG: 32%
  • Post engagement FB / IG: 550,000
  • Website traffic: 52% increase
  • Bookings: 2.78% increase 

Influencers / organic

  • Total number of impressions: 1,216,900 on IG
  • Engagements: 9,093
  • Clicks to site: 11,747


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