Bread - and Danes - still love Kærgården

In a market with growing competition from other providers of spreads, we needed to highlight Kærgården’s unique characteristics and state the promise that bread loves Kærgården. A promise which has been part of the brand's heritage from the very beginning. 

The task:
We had to remind the Danes that there is only one original spreadable product in Denmark - Kærgården. Kærgården was the very first, without added E-numbers or other additives.

The universe of singing bread unfolding itself on the kitchen table in the cover of night is known and loved by most Danes. After a few years of different creative universes, we relaunched the popular bread characters in 2015. In an updated animated universe, we created the story of Frederik the croissant and his bread friends’ perilous journey through the kitchen towards the heavenly enjoyment of Kærgården.
Besides reviving the classic, original Kærgården universe, we wanted to tell a new and more profound story which could emphasize the important stories of naturalness and originality to the consumer - while creating an even stronger bond between  Kærgården and the Danes. That’s why we introduced Kærgården on Facebook in late 2016.



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