Be there for those who are there for you

More than 140.000 Danes are addicted to alcohol. An additional 585.000 are drinking so much that they are in high risk of becoming ill. Despite the high number of people affected by alcohol, only 7.600 are currently seeking counseling for their addiction. A new campaign helped Alkohol & Samfund break the silence and taboo around alcohol addiction.


An alcohol addiction is devastating to the affected families – and to the addict, who gambles with family, job and friends. Therefore, it is crucial that the affected parties receive timely help – and that they are aware of the free help available. 

Studies show that in average, people struggle with alcohol problems for 11 years before seeking help. Additionally, 45% of the Danes are unaware that their local municipality offers free alcohol counselling. Both crucial problems we had to address.

Before creating the campaign, we were invited to listen to incoming conversations on ‘Alkolinjen’ (a hotline for addicts and their families). Here, we discovered that affected friends and family often are the first ones to call for help in order to receive counselling before confronting the addict. Therefore, it was not enough to direct the campaign at the addict. We also needed to reach out to the affected families and friends. 


The solution was a campaign for Alkohol & Samfund and Trygfonden (a foundation that provides safety for the Danes) with the aim of getting more people to seek free counselling. Additionally, the campaign had to position ‘Alkolinjen’ as a valuable tool for both the addict and the affected.

The campaign message was: Be there for those who are there for you. With this, we wanted to break the taboo and silence around alcohol addiction while also encouraging the addicts to seek counselling.

63 Danish municipalities took part in the campaign which ran on social media, television, cinemas and outdoor in February 2019.


On Instagram and Facebook combined we reached a VTR on 20,38% and got twice as many clicks to the website than a previous campaign in 2018. On the website we created a test about alcohol habits which generated 713.104 impressions and 34.079 link clicks making it a very successful tool to activate the target group. 

Additionally, an after-campaign survey showed that 73% had a higher recognition of us as the sender compared to the previous campaign. Furthermore, 58% remembered the message about free and anonymous counselling. The latter was 25% better than last year. The most important result was, however, that the campaign made 40% of the respondents want to break the silence around alcohol addiction.



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