B for Letter

Danes, however, still send many letters and prefer cheap Priority B letters rather than the more expensive Priority A Letter.

In January 2016, it was necessary to let the Danes know that you can still send a B mail letter at a reasonable price (8 kroner), and that the only thing it requires is for you to remember to write on ‘B’ on the letter.

Post Danmark's logistics for Priority A letters has become very expensive to operate (Priority A letters are delivered the day after they are sent), and therefore, Post Denmark has had to raise the price of postage to 19 kroner for a Priority A letter. This, many Danes feel, is expensive.

But fortunately, there is a good alternative. Send your letter as a Priority B letter, and it will only cost 8 kroner. (Priority B letters are delivered up to four days after they have been sent).

Since the vast majority of letters sent today may as well take a few days to arrive, it is no problem for most shipments. We "just" need to teach Danes to send their letters as Priority B letters...

We previously produced a series of webisodes where three young guys had to master the secrets of the Christmas card. These videos quickly gained extreme popularity, even outside the intended audience; young people. We believed that this universe was really good and suitable for equipping Danes to send their Priority B letters.

We therefore produced a number of YouTube videos intended to tell the Danes about the glories of the B letter, and not least where and how to place the ‘B’.

The messages are wrapped in our universe with three young guys for whom sending letters is a brand new and very exciting thing.

The media strategy was to tell the story right where the target audience seeks entertainment, and where we had the greatest opportunity to involve them. Through a sequential posting of the videos on YouTube, we ensured that the target group watched all the videos, without Post Danmark appearing intrusive.

The sequential posting was done through remarketing, where users who watched one or more videos were exposed to a new one, until they had seen them all. Unrelenting focus on this increased the campaign's view-through rate (VTR) and cost-per-view (CPV).

Viewers who had previously met our three main characters on YouTube in the Christmas card films were first presented with the trailer, which picks up on the Christmas card campaign, and leads them into the new story of the B letter. From there, the sequential streaming of webisode 1 and 2 about the B letter.

Viewers who had not been exposed to the Christmas card campaign on YouTube were only presented with the videos about the B letter, webisode 1 and 2, through sequential publication.


  • Exposures: 1,115,623
  • Paid: 507,456 (12+ sec.)
  • Complete views: 205,930 (30+ sec.)
  • VTR: 18.13%




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