Age discount & reverse age discount

Synoptik needed to revitalise their existing celebrity universe with a new Age Discount campaign. This time, they wanted to both activate the age discount for their core target group of 50+ and launch something new on the market; namely the Reverse Age Discount – targeted specifically at the young target group.

The task was to create a universe that could increase brand remembrance and efficiency to the level of the old celebrity universe. And at the same time, Synoptik wanted to change consumer perception that Synoptik is more expensive than others.

We took Martin Brygmann’s advertising virginity by having him front Synoptik for the next 2 years across all media. 

With the choice of Martin Brygmann, Synoptik gets more than just a familiar face, because of course they also get Martin Brygmann’s humour into their universe, adding large and broad appeal‪ with the target group. The idea is to benefit from his creative mind in the development of the various campaigns. 

In this way, we create an even stronger and remembrance-filled ‪universe which can create recognition across all media.



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