A little bit of sky between you and...

55% of Danes name geographical distance as the main reason why they don’t see family and friends as much as they would like to. At the same time, flying domestic have almost disappeared of Danes’ radars and are often overlooked when it comes to getting from A to B. Denmark's seven airports therefore came together under a single identity for a national campaign to create awareness of the 600 weekly domestic flights, which for years have experienced a dwindling number of passengers.   

We gathered the seven airports under the common identity Denmark’s Airports and launched them as a single entity with a collective CVI and common website which makes it quick and easy to find domestic routes and tickets in just a few clicks.

With closeness as both a rational and emotional motivation to choose a plane, we created the communication platform "There’s only a small piece of sky between you and the rest of Denmark". A tactile grip which poetically and insightfully equates domestic flights with time and convenience. 

Business and pleasure? One piece of sky!
The platform formed the basis of a nationwide cross-media campaign which, on digital media, TV, print and outdoors, delivered the message about Denmark’s Airports bringing people closer together. The small piece of sky between you and Grandma's kitchen and between you and the most important moments of life that are waiting on the other side of that business meeting.





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