CASE: Mass vaccination platform – Bærum municipality

In the light of Covid-19, Accenture Norway and Avanade developed a mass vaccination platform for Bærum municipality. A system that is designed to handle mass-booking, check-in, ID control, vaccine confirmation – all while making sure the data security is intact. To promote, shape and brand the platform solution, HS was brought into the equation. The task was to communicate what a strong collaboration can achieve and inspire hope for the future. 
Covid-19 communication has primarily been driven by icons and safety warnings. The platform enables a smooth and save solution to the vaccine challenge. To demystify the mass vaccination platform, we rebranded it and developed the logo and brand name:
NorVak – to underline the connection to the Nordics/Norway and vaccination (using the Norwegian spelling). Thereafter, we commenced to create a more emotional story different from what we have previously seen under Covid-19. This to emotionally engage the target group and convey the message to a wider audience. 
We collaborated with Pegasus Production and TRY Film in Oslo, shooting the scenes on location in Bærum. Even though, we worked under strict Covid-19 and travel restrictions, we were able to realize our ambitions and create what we believe is a strong emotional film. 

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