CASE: Berørt/Touched

In a year of a health crisis, Denmark’s biggest supermarket, Coop, wanted to give something back to, not only its 2 million members but to every Dane. In a time of crisis and great uncertainty, it was important to bolster the mental resilience and remind the Danes that physical separation is no barrier to unity. As human beings, we crave physical touch. From the moment we are born it is important to us. The coronavirus made our hands something to be sanitized and almost feared. If Danes couldn’t touch physically, it was essential to do the next best thing, and give them some way they could touch emotionally.

In collaboration with Coop, Red Cross, and The National Gallery of Denmark we launched an interactive experience that allowed the Danish people to use their hands for good, without physically touching ( Based on generative artificial intelligence, the solution can manage millions of 'hands' to create an animated 3D masterpiece. For each hand contributed to “Touched”, Coop donated 5 DKK to Red Cross’ Coronavirus relief efforts. So, by taking a picture of your hand and uploading it with a message of how the COVID-19 had affected you, you would automatically help those in need. The hands also became part of an Interactive 3D monument serving as a time capsule for future generations. 

Besides working with Red Cross, a collaboration was made with the world-renowned National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) where 3 specifically chosen artists used the digital manifestation as inspiration for creating individual artistic visions, serving as physical monuments of our unity. The artistic responses could be visited in the Garden of the National Gallery of Denmark until May 2nd, 2021, whereafter the art pieces travelled around Denmark.

To generate awareness and participation for the campaign without any media budget these activation tactics were followed:

  • Utilization of owned channels: E-mail, App & SoMe activation of membership data- and fan bases across Red Cross, Coop, and SMK
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) activation: Based on our KOL Brand Fit process we identified & collaborated with +30 of Denmark’s most renowned KOL’s across actors, musicians, artists & politicians to create a ‘digital movement’ and buzz (e.g., Pilou Asbæk, Kasper Eistrup, Lars Løkke, Brian Mikkelsen, Lina Rafn, Claus Meyer, etc.). 
  • PR: A targeted PR effort ranging from broad mass media to niche radio-programs

The main goal of the campaign was to support Red Cross’ efforts to help the most vulnerable and build a digital monument where Danes were able to share thoughts and personal messages to create some relief. The activation created the following results:

  • +1,5 million organic reach driven by KOL’s
  • +10 million media impressions: featured in some of the most renowned industry forums: The Drum, Muse by Clio, Forbes, and more. The campaign was also featured in Danish radio programs, the Danish morning news, Good Morning Denmark, and various Danish news article channels.
  • +120.000 unique website visitors
  • +6.000 unique uploaded hands & personal messages
  • +500 #berørt on Instagram


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